I consider my sculpting a collaborative relationship with the wood. My goal is always to release the forms and images that are naturally present, and the process can unfold in ways that I often didn’t expect. I am often surprised by an end result which is more pleasing or dramatic than my original conception.

Each piece of wood brings its own delight with unique inherent qualities. Frequently there are trails and holes left behind by insects or formed by fungi called “spalting”. These surface markings are the visual history of the life and death of the tree and add intriguing texture and liveliness to the wood. I find this natural surface imprint adds an element of excitement to the finished sculpture.

I love the forest, and feel an awareness of the plant spirits that inhabit the trees. I believe these plant spirits or “Devas” guide the plants, and they are a recurrent theme in my work, sensually expressed both in abstract and figurative forms.

I am pleased to share with you the wood sculptures I have created. They are an expression of my desire to enliven in the viewer a sense of the beauty of Spirit and the Divine.

Sculpture Videos